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5 Options to start a business with low budget

Thinking of starting a business? Maybe you have sufficient money stacked up but you lack an impressive idea that can be a success or probably you are someone with a perfectly workable idea but funding is a problem.

Initially, this seems like a major obstacle, but a lack of personal capital should not stop you from being your own boss. Thankfully there are several ways with which you can still ensure to start your business without running around banks to give loans.

The solution is to outsource your capital needs through a list of credible options. Here we are listing a few of them.

1.      Loans from Friends and family

Though this might make you go weak in the knees, you can surely approach your friends and family members for the funds. However, make sure you have a concrete business plan ready before you talk to them as well as have all the details related to expected projections for the present and coming year.  You must provide an evidence-based plan that helps you gain confidence as well as tells them when they will have reimbursement.

2.      Cash advances online

This is another great alternative for getting money online. More and more prospective business owners are using online options to make their finances a smoother operation. The reason for the increased popularity of these is the convenience and the easy paperwork. Besides, one can get cash really fast even on sundays, with just a click on the mouse.

3.      Crowdfunding

This is one of the most popular and newer ways to get funds for a new business. As name suggests, it like raising small amounts of money from more than one person at the same time. This is usually done through some type of crowdfunding website. There are several ways to crowdfund. Some businesses rely on the uniqueness of their business, believing that their product will encourage contributors. Other give incentives or rewards to supporters for their investments.

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4.      Personal loans

These types of loans are borrowed to meet personal requirements. You can get personal loan from a bank or other lending agencies. However, make sure that you get a detailed agreement for repayments stating the monthly installments along with due dates for payments. The repayment amount will include the part of principal amount taken as a loan and the interest charged according to the terms of agreement.

5.      Reduce your needs

Another option is to modify your business model according to the funds you have or are easily manageable, through options listed above. Say, if you were planning to start a company as a consultant, you could cut down your “employee” expenses by being the only employee, initially. Unless office space is extremely necessary, you can start by working from home. You can even research available options to find cheaper sources of office essentials and supplies.

With the above mentioned options, you can easily get started with your low budget business. However, before you choose any of the listed options, make sure you know what you are getting into.