HYIP Is Usually Just an Investment Scam So Be Careful

A high-yield investment program or HYIP is a type of investment scam also called a Ponzi scheme. This scam promises untenably high investment returns but it does this by paying previous investors with money invested by new investors.


High-yield investment programs are often referred to with investments of bitcoins. This makes it extremely important to investigate any investment programs especially for bitcoins. It is better to be sure than take a chance with some bitcoin investment programs that are advertised as HYIP.

Bitcoin investments

Bitcoins are new as are investment programs for bitcoins. So it is important to know what you are doing and this is especially true if these programs promise returns that are almost impossible because they are. So if you want to invest your bitcoins it is wise to pass up plans that promise high returns as well as HYIP.


Be careful on the internet

The internet is a great place for running scams and there are many of these scams just waiting. If you have run into an investment that sounds just a little too good then it probably is something you do not want to get involved in. If you put your bitcoins in programs that are scams you will never get those bitcoins back. And when 1 bitcoin equals over 22 hundred dollars you will be losing a lot of money.

Withdrawal from Bit Monster

BITELLER is a UK fund and is currently operating Bit Monster. Bit Monster generates profits by running FX trading and arbitrage with Bit Monster’s payout able to be received in a bitcoin every day. You can apply for withdrawal at any time and it usually will take 1 – 7 days for the funds to arrive.

The withdrawal fee is 2% of the amount deposited. The withdrawal of Bit Monster requires registration of your ID card.