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Planning for Retirement Is More Important Than You Think

TIAA Cref is one of several retirement savings plans for those who work in education and has been in place for many years. The problem is that with higher education there are still many retirees who are averse to save more as they do not know what they will do when finally leaving their job.

Cost of retirement

Many see all kinds of information early in their careers where they are told about needing to begin saving for their retirement. Everyone has probably heard that the average worker in the United States will need as much as $1 million to have what is referred to as a successful retirement.


That is a lot of cash that take time and dedication to save. This is where TIAA Cref and other institutions like them are very popular.

HR Departments

Of course the HR department where many work doesn’t do much to make new employees understand that retirement can be a time of worry especially for those who have been working for up to 50 years. The retirement fund at their company will pay retirees a good pension check, and then there is social security. This makes for a nice monthly income but it still will not handle all your bills. This causes many of them to postpone their retirement. This puts pressure on the HR department, because these late retirees alongside the Baby Boomers cause a silver tsunami on many companies.

Saving funds

This is whereTIAA Cref and other organizations like them make a good retirement savings fund for those who take their retirement seriously. When planning for retirement lifestyle, employees need to know that financial saving organizations need to be added to retirement planning. This will be the best way to have a retirement that is not one large problem but makes this time in retirees life one of relaxing and having fun.