Even after earning fair amount do you feel financially weak. In this world full of complexities, humans have made themselves busy in various activities that he feels are important to him. Technology was developed to make human life easy but now technology has made us slaves. Today everything is incomplete without technology. Technology has find itself a place in every corner of our life & technology does not comes free. Almost every person uses Facebook Instagram etc.It has made our life busier than it was earlier. Now people find themselvesbusier than they were before. Hectic schedule & more complicated life is more than stress to human existence.

Among these, the scope of human life becomes more intricate when he becomes prey to financial stress. But how do we define financial stress?  , How can we check if are under financial stress?  We can define financial stress as the state when it starts feeling that we will not be able to cover up all the events, financially that you consider are important for you and your family whether it be your monthly spending or your upcoming events.Financial stress is among those things that eats you out from inside. You are left with nothing other than thinking and that can eat you out from your emotional side also .

Being financially independent is important, but how to do so? Today I am going to figure out some of the ways which you can try to remove financial stress from your life.

The first thing that I always point out is,whenever you are going to improve yourself first analyses yourself. You must look to find out where you stand.

1-Analyze yourself:

Analyze where you spend. Try to find out where your income is going. Analyze everything where you spend where your money goes. Jot down everything that you find. Try to categories out core and untunefulspending. Try to minimizes core items from your list.

2 -Plan a family budget:

Planning a budget is the easiest but at the same time it is the most difficult thing to stick with it .A family budget is the sum total of all the spending that you and your family needs to buy or spend in due course of a month. Put only essential things in your list. You must stick to your budget. Your family budget must cover the demands of every family member so that once you finalize it, there must not be any demand that ranges outside your planned budget. And if that happens then it means your budget was ill prepared.


3- Cut down these things from your list:

The following things are unnecessary and you can minimize or directly cut it from your budget.

  • Cut down your data expenses.

As per reports almost 85 % people has reach to internet. And among them most of the data comes from private company services.They charge us 10% extrafor every MB that costs them. If we cut down our data plans, we can subsequently lighten our monthly budget, and our monthly expenses will considerable go down.

  • stop parting outside:

Most of us are addicted to partying hard whether its someone birthday or someone’s marriage. Celebration is good but celebrating with partying in hotels and bars is worthless and money wasting. This not only wastes money but also time. You can invest that money in something else like in purchasing insurance for your family members now that’s the matter of celebration, celebrate by spending time with your family.

  • Mortgages: A precious way of saving

People often ignore this as one of the basic fact of fair saving.  Your budget plays one of the key role in maintaining your family’s monthly activities &amisbalance in your budget can hamper your savings and as well as it can make you prone to what we call “financial stress “. Why Mortgages are considered better than other loan methods? The answer is simple because they offer low interest rates. You have to repay the dept. over longer time period that makes it easy to afford and trustable. It does not affect your budget. So it suits your family perfectly. All you have to do is to calculate your mortgage and then start planning for your assets. You can calculate for your mortgage from

go for the tips that suites you and your family well. Tell others too.